VIP Event and Press Services

Create a memorable VIP brand activation event for Emirates to celebrate 25 years of service from Gatwick Airport. Provide support and service to the Emirates and Gatwick communications departments – by capturing newsworthy footage and sharing this with international broadcasters to create positive awareness and PR for the client brands.

There were two parts of the execution for the project solution:

Firstly; our event team got to work putting together a VIP event that was to be staged in the existing Emirates lounge at Gatwick Airport. This required some detailed planning and liaison for approval of the staged activity, and our technical team worked closely with the Gatwick H&S team to make rigging the activation elements through the night a viable solution for the client.

Outspoken technical crew built, operated and de-rigged the event elements and our project manager ensured the solution was delivered to a high specification for the VIP client audience.

The second part of the activity again demanded careful planning and positioning of multiple cameras around the Gatwick Airport campus. This ensured that best positions were obtained to capture the specially commissioned flight of one of the first Boeing A380’s into Gatwick. Footage was captured and a speedy turnaround of the imagery was required to make lunchtime news bulletins and editorial. Outspoken set up a dedicated online download/viewer page for broadcasters to use so sharing of assets was efficient and posed no stress to the client PR & communications department.

  • The VIP event was delivered seamlessly to a VIP industry guest & press audience.
  • National news and editorial press was achieved through supply of still images and video content.