Live Web Broadcasting

Taking an event and sharing it digitally to a multi locational or global audience often drives maximum financial return for clients and reaches a far wider audience. It not only provides a cost effective and sustainable alternative to a conference or meeting, but by using the latest production tools we can turn a web streamed event into a fully branded and seamless activity for client audiences. We can provide bespoke URL event viewing pages online or deliver solutions around broadcast to existing business social media channels.

To cover a project requirement the Outspoken team look after many key facets to deliver successfully:   

  • Project Management / Planning and main location visit resulting in full technical proposal for client approval
  • Digital brand asset creation to polish and provide a rich full brand identity to an online broadcast.
  • All technical crew and equipment to deliver a seamless & smooth client and audience experience at broadcast time. Our core and extended team have worked as part of Outspoken for many years and we are constantly evolving and developing our team skill set to keep in line with all the latest technical and creative production methods.
  • Delay safeguards, where a client’s legal and compliance policies may need to be adhered to.

Coupled with our core production management skills and expertise, means we can tailor project solutions specifically to the clients' individual needs keeping budgets manageable and achievable.