Volunteering at RSPB


Volunteering at RSPB

RSPB help to protect and preserve nature through creating a bigger and better space for wildlife. As part of a company initiative to give something back to the local community, Sinead from Outspoken Projects wanted to spend her day volunteering for a charity who make a positive difference to the environment, which is why she contacted her local RSPB site, Farnham Heath reserve.

“I have always wanted to learn more about conservation, so volunteering for RSPB was a great opportunity for me to be part a conservation project and to speak to regular volunteers and interns for the charity.

I was quite fortunate to join the volunteer team on their final day of a 2-month project, where they had been working on a site that was 2.3 hectares in size (approx. 3.football pitches) that had been overgrown by acid grassland and infested with bracken. The day consisted of mowing and cutting back the remaining grass and removing cuttings from the site. It was a wonderful experience to see what can be achieved when everyone works together to clear a space. The hope for the site it to retain and increase the habitat diversity, encourage the growth of wildflowers and receive funding for future work on the reserve.”

RSPB are now the largest nature conservation charity in the country. This could only be made possible with support from their volunteers, who make up around 86% of the RSPB’s workforce. It is our duty to protect our planet and wildlife, so why not volunteer at your local RSPB site? Spend a day meeting new people, helping towards conservation and eating a bit of cake (if you’re lucky). https://www.rspb.org.uk/